[MonoTouch] MonoTouch Beta 7

Jonathan Pryor jonpryor at vt.edu
Fri Aug 28 23:06:16 EDT 2009

We are pleased to announce the release of MonoTouch beta 6. It is  
available at:


Additions in Beta 7
      * Added NSBundle.LoadNib
      * Added NSBundle.PathForImageResource
      * Added NSBundle.PathForSoundResource
      * Added NSData.FromUrl
      * Added UIImage.FromData
      * Added UITabBarController.TabBarItem

Fixes in Beta 7
      * Fixed mtouch invocation of the linker for simulator
      * Fixed UIActionSheet.WillDismiss event.

Changes in Beta 7
      * Removed the OpenTK.Graphics.ES11.GL.LoadAll() and
        OpenTK.Graphics.ES20.GL.LoadAll() methods. Now to initialize the
        GL types you must do one of two things: 
              * Inherit from OpenTK.Platform.iPhoneOS.iPhoneOSGameView,
                and call either iPhoneOSGameView.CreateSurface() or
                iPhoneOSGameView.Run() before using any GL methods.
              * Call OpenTK.Platform.Utilities.CreateGraphicsContext()
                before making any GL calls.
      * The GLPaint and OpenGLESSample samples have been updated to use
        Utilities.CreateGraphicsContext() to initialize GL
      * New GLPaint-GV and OpenTLESSample-GV samples have been added to
        use iPhoneOSGameView for comparison

As always please report any new bugs/requests to our bugzilla.For more
information, see:


 - Jon

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