[MonoTouch] NUnit tests and internal classes / methods

David Moles davidmoles at thegogame.com
Wed Dec 1 12:41:46 EST 2010

Okay, don't know why I didn't think of this before, but (thanks to
cargo-cult copy-and-paste from fixed Mono bug
I just created an AssemblyInfo.cs file with nothing in it but:

using System.Reflection;
using System.Runtime.CompilerServices;
using System.Runtime.InteropServices;
using System.Security;

[assembly: InternalsVisibleTo("my-test-project")]

and everything seems to work. Never mind!

On Tue, Nov 30, 2010 at 5:53 PM, David Moles <davidmoles at thegogame.com>
> Hey, guys --
> Is there a way I can let NUnit tests in one (test-only) assembly
> access internal classes in another assembly? I've found references on
> the web to setting some attributes in an AssemblyInfo.cs file, but
> that seems to be Windows-specific (and autogenerated). What's the
> right way to do this in a Monotouch project?
> --D.
> --
> David Moles
> davidmoles at thegogame.com

David Moles
davidmoles at thegogame.com
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