[MonoTouch] version numbering

Jason Awbrey jason at awbrey.net
Mon Dec 13 14:53:54 EST 2010

A couple of questions regarding version numbers.  Right now I'm still
testing internally so I just want an incremented number so that I can verify
which build my ad hoc users have loaded.

1. In my Solution options, I have my version set to a integer - currently
102.  My project inherits from my solution, and I don't have a version # set
in my plist.  However, in code when I do this


it retruns "1.0".  Am I misunderstanding what the relation between the
version # in MonoDevelop is and what CFBundleVersion is looking at?

2. How can I auto-increment that version number?

This post (http://forums.monotouch.net/yaf_postst360_Build-dateversion.aspx)
discusses using agvtool, but when I try that it fails because it is looking
for an XCode project.  Is there a way to make this work with MT/MonoDevelop?

thanks - Jason
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