[MonoTouch] Http Streaming Example / Seek stream

Christian Moores chris at psonar.com
Wed Dec 15 04:19:43 EST 2010

Hi there,


I am currently looking to stream/download mp3s from a server, AVAudioPlayer
doesn't seem to work with streamed data, so I obtained your Http Mp3
Streaming example using AudioBuffers for MT. It works nicely however I need
to modify it to do three additional things:


1:  Seek position in the file

2:  Post events for timing intervals?

3:  Download mp3 stream in background and when reaches 20% start playing, I
have fed the http stream into a memorystream for this purpose


I am struggling to get seeking to work, there doesn't seem adequate docs on
this as yet so I would be massively pleased if you or someone from the MT
community could help me out here.


I have seen most people in the Cocoa world are possibly using AVPlayer?


Best regards,

Chris Moores


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