[Moonlight-list] download video moonlight

Rolf Bjarne Kvinge rolflists at ya.com
Wed Dec 9 07:13:22 EST 2009


> Hi Rolf,
> using your link all work but is not in streaming, is like a podcast.
> If you try to use this link moonlight seem not work
> MOONLIGHT_DEBUG=mediaelement,mms firefox
> http://www.rai.tv/dl/RaiTV/diretta.html?cid=ContentSet-a5372c73-4bd0-
> 4ccd-a8c7-07493bd77d8d-ctcf.html

I just had a look at it, and it looks like a firefox bug actually... the web
site uses a xmlhttprequest in javascript to download some xml which defines
the media (among other things) to load. And then firefox sends a OPTIONS
request to the server instead of a GET request - and the server answers the
OPTIONS request with a 501 (not implemented) response instead of the xml

In any case, if I spoof my user agent to Firefox/Mac, I get the 2.0 player
which works (rai.tv uses a Silverlight 1.0 player for linux, and a
Silverlight 2.0 player for mac/windows). I assume rai.tv will start serving
the 2.0 player to linux too once Moonlight 2.0 is out.


> Best Regards, Torello

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