[Moonlight-list] patch list

Chris Toshok toshok at gmail.com
Fri Dec 11 18:21:17 EST 2009

here's a list of everything that's going to be included.  Please look 
over it.  the ?'s are the ones I'm not sure about.  there are names next 
to the change text on those, so let me know if they should stay out or 
go in.

x = already in
? = not sure
* = pending

mcs moved from 147226 -> 148086
highest rev of moonlight from beta 9 147266

* r147263       Implement a TextLayout::GetRenderExtents()
*   r147264     oops, fix for above patch to account for padding
* r147265       Only apply horiBearingX if it is not the first glyph in 
the cluster. Fixes drt 279.
* r147267       make sure we don't set a target property when we have an 
attached property of the same name
* r147417       fixes DataBinding ContentPresenter.Content
* r147419       Add test for ContentPresenter.Content
? r147420       alan - add test and better checks for invalid scroll offsets
* r147421       Emit all SizeChanged events before doing another 
measure/arrange pass
* r147431       Add AesTest.cs
* r147454       Implement support for Binding.ElementName
* r147465       Implement support for Bindng.RelativeSource
* r147468       add GeneratedEasingFunction property to get sites loading
* r147469       Fix namespace of Matrix3D
* r147470       Add some 3.0 types to get sites loading
* r147476       3.0 corcompare cleanup
? r147501       jackson - Hack to allow Icons to have default Source 
?   147714      jackson - remove debug for Icon Source property default
* r147510       collection iterator api addition
*   r147511     make collectioniterator use moonerror
*   r147580     implement remaining bits of ResourceDictionary 3.0 work
*   r147585     the generics Count property should throw NIE.
*   r147594     more generics methods throwing NIE
*   r147784     make the collection iterator stuff compile on SLED10
* r147565       Remove an extra check when changing 
ContentControl.Content which broke some toolkit tests
* r147573       bump the version of 3.0 we claim to support
x r147574       build/dist fix
* r147581       VisualTransition subclasses from DependencyObject
? r147582       jackson - make it possible to have several xml prefixes 
for the same uri
* r147583       implement UIElement.RemoveHandler
x 147595        tuning is now desktop-only
* r147597       add SelectionMode enum
* r147607       make WriteableBitmap sealed
* r147611       add FrameWidth/FrameHeight to MediaSampleAttributeKeys
* r147612       Adjust the rendering bounds in the case where RenderSize 
!= actual size
* r147613       enable CAIRO_EXTEND_PAD
* r147614       add ImageBrush::ImageOpenedEvent
* r147617       jeff - stub out Surface::Get/SetZoomFactor
*   r147618     jeff - add System.Windows.Interop.Content.ZoomFactor + event
*   r147620     jeff - ZoomFactor is not settable in managed
*   r147622     jeff - ZoomFactor is not settable in managed
x r147627       Fix a number of dist problems
x r147654       Remove mopen1
* r147669       Make VisualStateGroup.Name use the 
* r147686       add copyright headers to the bridge .cpp files
* r147687       add copyright headers to the bridge .cpp files
* r147690       jeff - implement GeneratorPosition
* r147692       make MouseWheelEventArgs subclass from MouseEventArgs
*   r147693     make MouseWheelEventArgs subclass from MouseEventArgs
* r147694       Add stubbed out method/event/args/handler for checking 
for application updates.
*   r147695     Add stubbed out method/event/args/handler for checking 
for application updates.
* r147696       Add TouchAction and TabletDeviceType enums
* r147697       Add TouchAction and TabletDeviceType to MD solution
* r147698       Fix StylusInfo.DeviceType managed property type
* r147699    Added accessor to StylusDevice to get the DeviceType
* r147702    Implements TouchDevice, TouchPoint, and 
TouchPointCollection on the c++ side
* r147707    Added managed implementations of TouchDevice, TouchPoint 
and TouchPointCollection
* r147708    added files to the build
* r147710    marked some managed setters as internal
* r147716       add conversion from string -> CacheMode
* r147723       add parsing for CacheModes
* r147749       Stub out 3.0 System.Windows.Messaging namespace
* r147750       Stub 
System.Windows.Interop.Settings.EnableCacheVisualization, netflix needs it
* r147768       manual SC/SSC changes for netflix
* r147769       ShaderEffect subclasses from Effect, not DependencyObject
x r147772       remove mopen1 from MD project
* r147773       #ifdef DEBUG "Reinstall Media Pack".
* r147793       fixed respack Makefile to generate the correct shell 
script unrespack
* r147805    make VirtualizingStackPanel's IScrollInfo.MakeVisible virtual
* r147806    added MakeVisible to IScrollInfo and stubbed in SCP
* r147819       handle attached collection properties lacking a set method
*   r147951     use the supplied method prefix when looking up the set 
* r147822       enable gtk motion hints when !DEBUG, and only process 
the dirty list when we aren't captured
*   147823      oops, fix build
* r147836       disable licenseaquirer exception
* r147842       drm dialog
*   r147864     drm dialog
* r147859    allow disabling security only on DEBUG builds
* r147828       revert 147819
* r147833       handle attached collection properties lacking a set method
* r147865       implement Elastic easing
x r147866       dist ivt-check.cs and M.VB.auto.*
* r147870       fix border hit testing
x r147872       add sdk installation
* r147877       fix drm warning for netflix
* r147878       add manual SSC for System.Collections.Generic.Comparer<> 
* r147879       correct order of removal of Loaded event between object 
and deployment
* r147887       don't assume just because AcceptsReturn is false that we 
don't have multi-line text
x r147888       sdk install requires browser support
x r147896       split up the sdk makefile a bit
* r147899       fix our key event Key codes, and add rudimentary windows 
key emulation.
* r147902       stub 3.0 BitmapImage.CreateOptions.
? r147906       alan/jackson Implement the bare minimum of 
ItemContainerGenerator to get the NFL site kinda working.
* r147918       Fix several places where type conversion for Bindings 
fails when it shouldn't
* r147926       don't go around layout code's back for TextBoxView
*   r147927     oops, forgot OnApplyTemplate in previous patch
*   r148044     oops, make sure we've done layout on the text first
* r147942       Allow you to set a Binding to a CLR property of type 
* r147943       Add conversion from string -> BitmapImage, and use the 
type converter in template bindings.
*   r148030     in some cases we don't want to allow this ToString 
x r147944       remove the redist .pc file
* r147952       stub Style.BasedOn to get NFL player to load
* r147972       add new layout clipping test
* r147993       reinstate breaking out of layout clip in certain cases
* r147994       disable CAIRO_EXTEND_PAD as it's slow and breaks things 
completely in some cases
* r147995       fix call to LayoutInformation::GetCompositeClip
* r148002       try to match the SL logic on transform origin in the 
textblock case.
x r148009       point silver.pc at the sdk directory
x r148010       moonlight-gtk.pc requires silverdesktop.pc, it shouldn't 
duplicate it
* r148014       really abort NPStreams when they're aborted just after 
creating them (fixes pdc too long video buffering).
*   r148015     really abort NPStreams when they're aborted just after 
creating them (fixes pdc too long video buffering).
* r148026       Don't leave 'emittingMouseEvent' true forever
* r148028       make ToggleNotifyListener's dtor virtual
x r148031       Add System.Windows.Controls{.Data} to the desktop pc file.
x r148032       correct some .pc file text
x r148033       don't install moon .pc
x r148037       use libdir in place of pkglibdir in a few places
x r148040       rename our .pc files from silver* to moonlight-*
x r148041       generate our moonlight-gtk.pc file as we do the others
x r148042       packaging fixes
* r148043       man page update
x r148075       don't create a lib/mono/2.1 directory at all
x   r148077     fix build after
* r148104       update requirement of mono + mcs in the README
* r148109       Fix massive sprawl performance degradation
* r148115       grammar nazi on README
* r148131       make Icon.Size and Icon.Source setters internal
* r148134       Fix crash when navigating away from an SL app
* r148149       make IconCollection ctor public
* r148150       make GpuInformation ctor internal
x r148152       make Moonlight.Gtk.dll use Consts.FxVersion for assembly 

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