[Moonlight-list] Moonlight+Silverlight portability: how realistic?

tomh tomh at motorsport.com
Fri Dec 18 08:24:34 EST 2009

While I have been following the progress of the Moonlight project for some
time, I'm really quite new to Moonlight, and would like to draw on the
wisdom of the more experienced members of this group.

We're planning a pretty sizable software development project, and we're
very interested in the option of using Silverlight and Moonlight for the
client side of the application (due to the limitations of Adobe Flex).  But
how realistic is this idea?

We would be planning Moonlight support from the outset so we might be able
to avoid some pitfalls, and we're not going to have any video, sound or 3-D
graphics.  However, we might want to utilize some third-party Silverlight
UI components.  The back end will likely be implemented in Java for
portability (yes, Mono could be another option).

So, in the end, what I really want to know is the best way to plan and
develop an application in order to ensure Moonlight compatibility.  Is
there maybe a guide somewhere out there that could help with that kind of
evaluation and planning?

Thanks for any advice ...


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