[Gtk-sharp-list] documentation.tree

Lee Mallabone gnome@fonicmonkey.net
03 Mar 2003 16:26:47 +0000

On Mon, 2003-03-03 at 15:59, Alvaro A. Ramirez wrote:

> I have satisfied all the dependencies required by the browser, gal,
> gtkhtml, etc... I was able to run the browser from the monodoc module
> with no problem. However, I cannot do the same to look at the gtk-sharp
> documentation. Any suggestions?

First, check doc/makefile in gtk-sharp to make sure all the browser,
assembler, generator tools point to the right paths for your checked out
monodoc copy.

Once you've done that, run 'make' in the doc directory before running 'make b'. 
A normal 'make' should build all the relevant files that the monodoc browser expects to find.

Alternatively, if all you want to do is view the Gtk# docs rather than preview any edits, you might want to wait until the next monodoc release, which I think is planned shortly...

Hope that helps,