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Patrik Olterman patrik@olterman.pp.se
26 Mar 2003 16:23:25 +0100

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On Wed, 2003-03-26 at 16:06, Lee Mallabone wrote:

> However, I think there's probably still a need for a 'Gtk# code
> snippets' repository... It could then be further categorised into things
> like really useful classes, or just small snippets demonstrating how to
> use a class. I don't think any such thing currently exists for Gtk#
> outside of the 'sample' directory on cvs.

The original thought was to categorize these code bits so that the
beginner (ie. me and others) could find what they are looking for

> At the moment, some of the API docs contain tiny samples to demonstrate
> how to create a class in its typical use case.
> Maybe code snippets that are obviously related to certain widgets can be
> linked in to the relevant widget's API doc page. Patrick, would that
> satisfy the need for snippets, or are you still in favour of growing a=20
> big repository of random examples?
Yes that would be great! there is sooooo much that is unexplained or
that is documented but in a way that is highly unaccessible for a novice
to GTK (or c# etc)
> My main reason for suggesting tying of examples/snippets to the API docs
> is because then everything remains "integrated" so that if a new Gtk#
> programmer looks for the docs, they find everything they need...
I agree my intentions where not to divide and conquer :) but to fill a
need i had (scratch an itch)=20

The pros of the repository would be that it would be really easy for
many people to contribute quickly

The con is that it is not directly tied into the GTK# documentation...
maybe a compromize could be found. for example a forum where sample code
could be posted in categories linked from the widget or event in the
gtk# doc or user comments linked in to the documentation (like php.net
allthough that quickly gets messy)
If a forum is needed or any other web/server/repos etc I'd be glad to
donate time and bandwidth to it :)=20

Olterman =20

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