[Gtk-sharp-list] Bullet-proof installation?

Stefan Elwesthal elwis@linuxmail.org
Fri, 06 Feb 2004 20:04:26 +0800

I've been spendning the whole day trying to get Gtk# and Mono work on my SuSE9 box. Mono is okey, but since I've tried out the splendid GTK# applications on windows, of course I want to run them on SuSE :)

That won't do very easy, as it seems. I spent many hours installing dependencies, but found out that even if I did, they were still missing according to Yast2. Since I probably have some garbage left in my system from a total failure trying to install an unsupported XimianDesktop on this machine I started cleaning out everything named "gnome" or "GTK".

So, now I'll give it a go again, but thought I should check if anyone had a better installation method then trying to install this .rpm's (libgtkhtml3.0/gtkhtml3.0/lipopt.. whatever the name was).

My expereince tells me that it might be stupid, since none of these are supported in standard SuSe I have to grav them from rpmseek..

Best regards and a nice weekend to you all
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