[Gtk-sharp-list] Bullet-proof installation?

Golo Haas webmaster@golohaas.de
Fri, 06 Feb 2004 21:53:34 +0100

Hi there,

> I've been spendning the whole day trying to get Gtk# and Mono work
 > on my SuSE9 box. [...] if anyone had a better installation method then
 > trying to install this .rpm's (libgtkhtml3.0/gtkhtml3.0/lipopt..
 > whatever the name was).

these are exactly the missing dependencies on my cleanly installed and 
always updated SuSE 9, too.

I wonder if it would not make sende to provide ALL the files for mono 
and gtk# needed, if you offer those products on their own.

In my opinion, if gtk# needs special .rpm's, which aren't SuSE 9 
standard, you should also provide (or at least deliver a link to them) 
thoses needed special libraries.

Just my two cents ...

Golo Haas
Microsoft Community Leader