[Gtk-sharp-list] installation help.

Gustavo Ramos eureko@grmexico.com.mx
09 Feb 2004 03:11:09 -0600


> I'm trying to figure everything out, so please bear with me. I have
> installed the latest build of GTK+ and I have also install mono. 
> When I try to install GTK# I get an error saying that mono package
> can't be found in pkg-config search path and that I should add the
> directory containing mono.pc to the PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment 
> variable. 
edit the file /home/user/.bash_profile and add the following line:

export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=$PKG_CONFIG_PATH:/home/user/mono/lib/pkgconfig

In my case, I installed mono on /home/user/mono/install; so my
PKG_CONFIG_PATH have inside /home/user/mono/install/lib/pkgconfig. That
variable serves to the pkg-config program, for indicating where to look
for .pc files.

> There only place I can find mono.pc is in home/user/mono/ and
> I have no idea how to add it. I tried pkg-config /home/user/mono
> and that didn't seem to work.. Can someone please help me? 
Are the .pc file directly in /home/user/mono or inside
/home/user/mono/lib/pkgconfig ? It's a bit confusing, it seems like you
don't have a good mono installation.

> I'm fairly new to Linux, and have never used GTK+/# before.
Welcome! Get a good book before messing too much around things.

Gustavo Ramos <eureko@grmexico.com.mx>