[Gtk-sharp-list] ok you got me, I'm lost!

Nick Van Eeckhout kaoskoder@pandora.be
Tue, 17 Feb 2004 09:05:31 +0000

I messed a bit around with sqlsharp.exe (on win) and the program would ru=
n if i copied it to the bin dir with all the necessary dll's but not out =
of that directory.
So it makes me think that this has something to do with the fact that the=
 mono GAC is not yet finished. You can put .net dll's in the Global Assem=
bly Cache so they come widely available. I don't know if this affects oth=
er dll's like GTK+.



hey, I'm sure these emails get posted a lot but I'm doing it anyway becau=
se I'm getting really lost!
I'm trying to develop something for gtk# using NAnt, Mono and a Text Edit=
or. I want to use the app on Win32/Linux.
I have gtk# installed but I can't get it to work. Seems it wants some gtk=
+ files and even though I have the dll's it can't use them, hell I can't
even register them using regsvr32.
I've read all the docs I could find, I've search google and the lack of m=
aterial on exactly how to go about using gtk# is a little
worrying! Is this project well supported and is development moving forwar=
d? I tried looking at the gtk+ website and I'm not sure what the hell I'm=
 looking at.
I don't want to compile gtk+ on my machine because I need a deployment pa=
th for this new application.
Many of you work very hard towards mono and a free net but there must be =
an easier path for x-windows developers to follow otherwise all
your newbies are going to stay away.
thanks - sorry for the rant ;)