[Gtk-sharp-list] ok you got me, I'm lost!

Jonathan Pryor jonpryor@vt.edu
Tue, 17 Feb 2004 07:23:04 -0500


On Tue, 2004-02-17 at 04:05, Nick Van Eeckhout wrote:
> I messed a bit around with sqlsharp.exe (on win) and the program would
> run if i copied it to the bin dir with all the necessary dll's but not
> out of that directory.
> So it makes me think that this has something to do with the fact that
> the mono GAC is not yet finished. You can put .net dll's in the Global
> Assembly Cache so they come widely available. I don't know if this
> affects other dll's like GTK+.

It has less to do with Mono's GAC not being finished, and more to do
with the Gtk# DLLs not being Shared Assemblies (meaning, they're not
signed, don't have a public key, and thus couldn't be placed in the GAC
even if Mono had one).

I'm not sure when this will be fixed (hopefully before Mono's GAC is
complete, so we can have a test case ;-), but for the time being,
they're private assemblies, and thus *must* be in the same directory as
the executable.

> I have gtk# installed but I can't get it to work. Seems it wants some
> gtk+ files and even though I have the dll's it can't use them, hell I
> can't
> even register them using regsvr32.

`regsvr32' is used to register COM DLLs (DLLs with a DllRegisterServer()
export, among others), which doesn't describe GTK+ or Gtk#.  So it's
perfectly sensible that regsvr32 wouldn't do anything. :-)

> I've read all the docs I could find, I've search google and the lack
> of material on exactly how to go about using gtk# is a little
> worrying! Is this project well supported and is development moving
> forward? I tried looking at the gtk+ website and I'm not sure what the
> hell I'm looking at.

Gtk# is a managed wrapper over GTK+.  Thus, you need GTK+ installed and
working, and the GTK+ libraries either need to be (1) in the same
directory as your application, or (2) in the PATH, or (3) installed in a
well-known location, like %WINDIR%\system32.

It's been awhile since I've done anything with Windows, though, so
hopefully someone else can elaborate.

You can find a GTK+ for Windows install here, as part of the Gimp:


 - Jon

> I don't want to compile gtk+ on my machine because I need a deployment
> path for this new application.
> Many of you work very hard towards mono and a free net but there must
> be an easier path for x-windows developers to follow otherwise all
> your newbies are going to stay away.
> thanks - sorry for the rant ;)
> Craig
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