[Gtk-sharp-list] vfs binding

McP mariano.cano@hispalinux.es
Fri, 20 Feb 2004 18:01:38 +0100

El vie, 20-02-2004 a las 00:52, John Luke escribió:
> Hello,
> 	So I've decided to do some work on getting the simplest and most
> important things from vfs wrapped (manually).  I have most of the mime
> detection stuff, and some stuff I noticed that Miguel did for dashboard.
> I have just begun looking into the vfs modules to see what I think we
> need from there.
> Are there any other apps/projects using VFS stuff?
> Are there things that people need to be wrapped from VFS?

I have a program which uses vfs mime types detection, I wrapped manually
too. You can get it on es.gnome.org cvs (currently down). Its name is

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