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will@xpi.net will@xpi.net
Fri, 20 Feb 2004 11:47:57 -0700 (Mountain Standard Time)

You can also download the .15 installer I wrote.  It will place the GTK+
files in the directory Windows expects.  The only caveat is that VS.NET
will still require you to add a reference to the gtksharp libraries or it
will give you the evil error you see.  At least it will automatically find
the GTK+ libraries.

I plan on releasing the .16 version as soon as I can get the
gtksharpglue.dll library file to compile correctly.  I also am adapting
the NSIS script to work for both Mono and VS.NET installations.  Also
because of a request, I will be changing the default installl folder to
C:\Program Files\GNU\GTKSHARP (even though I hate having to deal with the
stupid "~" issue for long names.

I wrote the installer for those of us using VS.NET or Borland C# Builder
instead of Mono.

You can download it at https://pop.xpi.net:10001/gtksharp/gtksharp15.exe

> It sounds like GTK+ isn't installed properly on your system - not in the
> right directory or the variable is in error.  Try a GTK+ Windows
> installer.  They tend to simplify things for me, anyway.
> http://www.dropline.net/gtk/download.php
> On Wed, 2004-02-18 at 06:03, Alessandro Lendaro wrote:
>> I wrote these lines of code to test the GTK#
>> on Windows 2000 Server with both Framework versions installed (no mono).
>>             try
>>             {
>>                 Window win = new Window(WindowType.Toplevel);
>>                 win.Activate();
>>                 win.Show();
>>             }
>>             catch (Exception exc)
>>             {
>>                 Console.WriteLine(exc.Message);
>>             }
>>             finally
>>             {
>>                 Console.ReadLine();
>>             }
>> The Exception thrown when the first line executes is:
>> [System.DllNotFoundException]    {"Impossibile caricare la DLL
>> (libgtk-win32-2.0-0.dll)." }    System.DllNotFoundException
>> I mad a key in the registry with the path of my executable and a Path
>> definition of the GTK\bin directory,
>> but it doesn't seem to work.
>> Thanks to who' ll be able to help me.
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