[Gtk-sharp-list] Changing button color using GTK#

Aleksandar Dezelin dezelin32@fastmail.fm
Tue, 7 Sep 2004 09:04:25 +0200

Hi, I'm new to mono and Gtk#. I have to port a System.Windows.Forms app to 
Mono and I have decided to use Gtk#. I need a navy blue button on a form but 
when I triy to set it's color using button.ModifyBg and Gdk.AllocColor, 
button color doesn't change. 

Does anybody know how to change a button color?

How can I load image from the embedded resource? I've found a post on this 
list to try with 
	Gdk.Pixbuf(null, "Image.Name"); 

but It seems that this method is not yet implemented on Win32. What should I 

Aleksandar Dezelin