[Gtk-sharp-list] binding another libraries

juanjo molinero juanjo molinero <jjmolinero@gmail.com>
Mon, 6 Sep 2004 11:27:11 +0200

   my name is Juanjo Molinero, and I am trying to make a binding of 
the libraries from e17 into mono. I have started with a thumbnailing
library called Epeg but as I don't have many experience programming in
c# I have a problem, and maybe you can help me with your experience.
The problem is the following:

I have an structure with another structure inside that belongs to
another library that I don't care about (the second structure is used
only inside the methods I want to wrap), something like this:

struct EpegImage{
   struct JpegImage image;
   int w;
   int h;

I have been reading some documents about marshaling, but none of them
talk about this situation. Anyone of you know how to wrap this
structure? The problem is that I need to pass the whole wrapping class
or structure as an argument, and then the marshaling will not work as
there is no possibility of knowing the internals of the second

Thanks for reading till here. Hope you could help me.