[Gtk-sharp-list] Prerelease of libsndfile-cil

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What about OGG and MP3 files?

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Hi people,

I have done a binding of libsndfile for .Net, using a bridge gobject
based lib (libgsndfile) and gtk-sharp tools. libsndfile is a library
designed to allow the reading and writing of many different sampled
sound file formats, such as Wav or Aiff files.

A preliminary package can be found here: vgafib.upc.es/~jorge/download

The binding works ok (see samples), but there are already some issues to
solve after wide public release:

* as GType.Int64 support is not complet in glib-sharp, I can't use
g_param_spec_int64 in libgsndfile, so sf_count_t (see libsndfile api
[1]) is mapped to a gint. I sent a patch to gtk-sharp-list some time
ago, but there was no response [2]

* Monodoc doc system works, but there is not correct
doc/en/Sndfile/*.xml files due that I don't have any Microsoft compiler
avaliable. Could anybody send me those files tgzipped?

* Build system works, but maybe it's not perfect (it's first time I use
it). It would be great to get "make dist" working.

Any help will be welcomed. I have a ladspa binding in progress too. I
will package it if I have some time and there are interest in these




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