[Gtk-sharp-list] drawing problem during resize of paned widget, handle/toolbar always-on-top, window resize performance

Gennadiy Donchyts don at env.com.ua
Tue Aug 2 06:07:08 EDT 2005

Hi all,

I'm developing an application using Gtk# ( and Glade using
Mono-1.1.8. Gtk libraries used from gtk-2.0 directory. For now I'm testing
the application under Windows XP and Linux SuSe 9.3 platforms. I've created
simple file using Glade and then autoconnected it in C#.

1. On windows platform there is strange behavior of redrawing widgets inside
the paned window (right in HPaned and bottom in VPaned), see
http://don.env.com.ua/files/gtk/problem_1.png. When I change size of the
paned window using its grip - the widget inside doesn't redraw correctly.
Under Linux it seems to work fine. I've tried to use the default theme but
the problem remains. 

2. Is it possible to make a HandleBox widget (or toolbar) to stay always on
top? When I drag it from the window and click on the window - it always goes
on the back.

3. Is there standard way to make the toolbar window look like real tool
window (small frame with close box only) when it is undocked? And then to
have a possibility to dock it back into the main window.

4. Is it possible to dock window in other position then strictly at the
position where it was created, something like MSOffice/VS.NET toolbars (I
guess it is gtk issue, not gtk sharp)?

5. Is there some way (or in what direction I should dig) to embed the
System.Windows.Forms control into the Gtk# widget, is it realistic to
implement such a feature (For example to embed upcoming DataGrid control
from MWF)? Or it is better to use Gtk# tree view for this purpose.

6. *minor* Why window resize-redraw work so slow in Gtk, I've compared it to
SWT Java applications (Eclipse) and it seems it works much faster.

Thanks in advance,
Gennadiy Donchyts

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