[Gtk-sharp-list] drawing problem during resize of paned widget, handle/toolbar always-on-top, window resize performance

Todd Berman tberman at off.net
Wed Aug 3 14:11:58 EDT 2005

On Wed, 2005-08-03 at 15:57 +0200, Gennadiy Donchyts wrote:
> >1. On windows platform there is strange behavior of redrawing widgets
> > inside the paned window (right in HPaned and bottom in VPaned), see
> > http://don.env.com.ua/files/gtk/problem_1.png. When I change size of the
> > paned window using its grip - the widget inside doesn't redraw correctly.
> It is possible to eliminate a bad drawing after attaching to the Expose
> event of the Paned widget and calling <widget>.QueueDraw() to the right /
> bottom widget.
> private void OnPanedPropertiesExpose(object o, ExposeEventArgs args)
> {
> 	_treeProperties.QueueDraw();
> }

That is absolutely the wrong way to do it.

What you want to do is hook up to the widget that gets misdrawn
SizeAllocate and QueueDraw there.

Hopefully this win32 bug will get fixed soon though.


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