[Gtk-sharp-list] gtktv binding

Mark Crichton crichton at gimp.org
Wed Aug 10 23:48:41 EDT 2005

Dan Winship wrote:

>      * Convince the maintainers of that widget that they want to
>        maintain a C# binding of it. (I have no idea who the maintainers
>        in question are, what their plans for the code are, etc, so I
>        don't know what the odds if this working are.)
I think I'm the one responsible for the nightmare known as that GtkTV 
widget.  My advice is "don't use it", it hasn't been updated in a LONG 
time (dont know if it's GTK 2.0 compatable), and done before XVideo 
really became "big".

Personally, if gstreamer has a bttv capture card input, use that.  
Trying to program in XVideo directly can lead to madness (well needed 
extension, just really funny in operation).

Take care,
Mark Crichton

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