[Gtk-sharp-list] gtktv binding

Joachim Jaeckel mono at coffeebreak.de
Thu Aug 11 03:01:20 EDT 2005

Hello Mark,

> I think I'm the one responsible for the nightmare known as that GtkTV 
> widget.  My advice is "don't use it", it hasn't been updated in a LONG 
> time (dont know if it's GTK 2.0 compatable), and done before XVideo 
> really became "big".

Thanks for your answer and for your code !!!
My current idea is, that I'll first try to create a wrapper arround the
(I think 3) needed calls to the Xv-extension. The thing I want to do
with the Xv-ext ist to display the stream from my analog
video-editing-card on the screen, not more (currently...).

Unless you could tell me, that the gstreamer framework works also with a
miro dc10+ card... 
(I saw my card only working with the linuxvideostudio, which is
programmed in gtk and does the display thing directly through Xv-calls,
Kino - which I think uses the gstreamer framework - could only capture
videos from digital sources through firewire)

> Personally, if gstreamer has a bttv capture card input, use that.  
> Trying to program in XVideo directly can lead to madness (well needed 
> extension, just really funny in operation).

Ok, just a word or two to my "projekt" / my idea...

I got the old video-camera from my father, which is an analog one, and
now, I would like to do video-editing. Therefore I found a program
(linuxvideostudio) and the command-line mjpeg-tools.
Because I need to do some special settings for the lavrec command, which
could not be adjusted through the linuxvideostudio, I have to capture my
videos through the command-line. Kino - which I think is a nice and easy
to use Video-Editing solution - could only handle digital-videos (*.dv
things) though I use ffmjpeg to convert my videos from mjpeg to dv to do
afterwards the editing part with kino.

My idea was than, that it would be nice to have a programm which could
handle analog-capture (and digital later) and editing in one programm
and with a user-interface as a mix between linuxvideostudio and kino
(missing features in kino are: scene-detection, easy copy and paste of
the detected scenes and another kind of the "timeline" of the video)

Another point was, that I want to learn the mono-thing (I come from C,
Java and Perl which I have to use in my job) and it's nicer to learn
something with a nice programm/idea in mind...

> Take care,
> Mark Crichton

Thanks Mark.


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