[Gtk-sharp-list] Gtk.Combo.Entry is null in Gtk# 1.9.5 (bundled with Mono-1.1.8) on Windows.

Dmitry Kostenko bis0n at mail.ru
Tue Aug 16 04:41:40 EDT 2005

Hello everyone.

This looks like a bug:
I ran an application using Gtk.Combo.Entry property on a clean
Mono-1.1.8 with Gtk#-1.9.5 and Gtk+-2.6 (I guess) on Windows.
I didn't use gtksharp-2.0 assemblies.
Gtk.Combo.Entry was always null.

I substituted Gtk+ with what was in Mono-1.0.6 bundle. Still NullReferenceException...

I substituted gtksharpglue.dll from Mono-1.0.6 (Gtk#-1.0.6)
_without changing the managed assemblies_. Everything's fine now :-)
Gtk.Combo.Entry is usable.

So it looks like something has been broken in gtksharpglue.dll since 1.0.6.

With best regards,
Dmitry Kostenko

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