[Gtk-sharp-list] NodeStore and lazy loading

Ben Maurer bmaurer at ximian.com
Tue Aug 16 19:49:12 EDT 2005


As a little pet project, I decided to try to make a browser for the MSDN
toc with the NodeStore api. Obviously, this table needs to be lazy loaded,
as it is downloaded from the internet.

Attached is what I was able to gather up so far. I encountered two issues:

1. Only the top level of nodes shows up -- they do not appear to have any
children. However, the ChildCount and this [int] property work correctly

2. The NodeStore recursively looks at all of its children on the first
load. I could not figure out a way to implement lazy loading behavior.

Obviously for 1, I am doing something wrong. I'd appreciate some input
here. For 2, this is an api limitation. Probably too late to fix this late
in the beta cycle, but it seems like something that would be worth
thinking about for vnext...

-- Ben

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