[Gtk-sharp-list] Looking for pointers on debugging GTK#

Caleb Land redhatdude at gmail.com
Tue Aug 23 18:19:56 EDT 2005

I want to attempt to fix the problem in this bug: 

However, I'm having trouble getting started in the process of debugging this 
issue. Does anybody have some helpful pointers on debugging these types of 
issues (the Null Pointer Exception)? I'm just learning some of the innards 
of the gobject/gtype system, and I'm not fully knowledgeable yet, but I know 
this issue will probably require knowing a lot more about how GTK works 

There's three questions which come to mind immediately:

Where can I start to look in gtk#/gtk+?
What tools should I use and are there any tips on using them (debugging 
gtk#/mono apps in gdb for example)
Are there documents available to help me solve this problem?

Caleb Land
(RedHatDude at gmail.com)
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