[Gtk-sharp-list] Increasing Ref count manually

MDK mdk at mdk.org.pl
Thu Jun 9 06:44:32 EDT 2005

> Hello, 
> I've got a strange problem. I'd like to manually increase the ref count
> of a Glib.Object. The exact opposite to Unref(); Is it somehow possible,
> without digging to much? 

Ok, I've did this with a simple unmanaged function. And it works. 

[DllImport ("gstreamer-0.8.so") ]
        public static extern IntPtr gst_object_ref (IntPtr _Pointer);

BTW, what is the "status" of gst-sharp? Does it belong to gtk-sharp? Any
ideas, where I could report bugs? Googling fails me here. 

Michał Dominik K.
mdk at mdk.org.pl
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