[Gtk-sharp-list] GTK# Vs. System.Windows.Forms (Want reasons as towhy GTK# is better)

Timothy Parez timothyparez at linux.be
Thu Jun 9 18:38:10 EDT 2005

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Onderwerp: [Gtk-sharp-list] GTK# Vs. System.Windows.Forms (Want reasons as
towhy GTK# is better)

>>The main kill is the additional 5MB dependency to a < 1 MB set [at
>>most, since its all in .Net and tends to be small]. (if its possible
>>to shrink down that size, that'd be great.. I'll try compressing all
>>the native libaries with UPX and trimming language stuff out.)

Someone who's willing to use torrent (which I believe to be evil :p)
they shouldn't complain about 5 additional megabytes, as they will be
Uploading/downloading a lot more than that.

>>I've been trying to think up solid reasons as to why GTK# is better,
>>but since S.W.F. is plowing ahead in Mono... cross-platform is
>>lozing its ground in that matter.

SWF will hopefully ease cross-platform development, it won't lose ground

>>Btw I'm using Glade# to hook up the GUI, in case there's special
>>advantages to that.

I've been told GLADE is evil, but writing GTK# code manually can be very
frustrating, so I wait for stetic

>>Note: One thing I just saw as an advantage - 'Themes'.  I'll have to
>>see how easy it is to change themes from GTK#.

Themes will take additional space (adding to the 5MB your project manager
complained about :-))



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