[Gtk-sharp-list] A question about timers

Sergio Duran sergioduran at gmail.com
Mon Jun 13 10:48:14 EDT 2005

I dont know if this is the place to ask, if not, I would thank if any of you 
could redirect me to a more appropiate place.

I'm writting an RPG engine in my spare time, I dont hace experience writting 
games so I have a doubt... I have some objects which after doing an action, 
have a dynamic cooldown (based on its statistics)... should I use a main 
loop and check all the objects manually?.. cause I've placed a timer within 
each object.. and when its cooldown time is elapsed, it executes an action 
stored in the object's queue.

Am I doing it wrong? is it ok to do it this way? Where should I ask?
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