[Gtk-sharp-list] No Atk.Global.AddGlobalEventListener ??

Dragan Sarbut ds at baum.ro
Fri Jun 17 09:29:14 EDT 2005


I don't know if this is the right place to ask... 
I have a application and I want to register a global event listener 
to get events like window:create, window:restore or Gtk:AtkText:text-caret-moved etc.

I also need a focus traker but I managed to do that with :
Atk.Global.AddFocusTracker ()

I didn't find in the documentation the method that adds a global event listener 
but I found :
Atk.Global.RemoveGlobalEventListener ()

I now that in C I can use this function:
guint atk_add_global_event_listener (GSignalEmissionHook litener, const gchar *event_type);

Is there something similar implemented in Atk# ? 


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