[Gtk-sharp-list] Changing fonts in Gtk.TextViews + general documentation question

Jacek Blech mono at lists.jablon.info
Wed Jun 22 11:43:32 EDT 2005


I am quite new to Linux development and I am trying to learn C# with
Mono (and simultaniously with .NET under Windows).

In my first example application I wanted to change the font of a
Gtk.TextView widget. I found a c-listing where it is done like this:

Gtk::TextView *view = new Gtk::TextView;
Pointer<Pango::FontDescription> font_desc = 
	new Pango::FontDescription("Serif 15");

But browsing the Mono Documentation I cannot find any methods in the
TextView- or TextBuffer-classes concerning any font changing actions.

Am I looking in the wrong place or is it not implemented yet? 

Can you guys provide me with any links to good c#-tutorials concerning
GNOME application development, I am especially interested in how to
write panel applets and GUIs in general. Unfortunately I cannot find any
coding examples in the Mono Documentation, are they located in a
different place or not present at all?

Thanks in advance for your replies and your help!
Bye, Jacek.

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