[Gtk-sharp-list] Anyone Tried Out MyXAML for Gtk#?

Vincent Arnoux vincent.arnoux at rfo.atmel.com
Fri Jun 24 04:56:01 EDT 2005


Gerald Bauer a écrit :

> Hello,
>   Has anyone tried out using MyXAML for Gtk# yet? Does anyone plan to? 
> I think MyXAML has great potential as an alternative to libglade.
>   In case you wonder what is MyXAML? MyXAML is a free, open source 
> parser that lets you script your .NET/Mono classes using XML. For an 
> example see the counter sample in the appendix. You can find out more 
> about MyXAML online @ http://www.myxaml.com
>  - Gerald

I fail to see what MyXAML can bring more than Glade, especialy if a GUI 
designer doesn't exist yet.
On top of it, I can't find any example on how to make it work with Mono 
on the website...
Don't get it wrong : this is not a criticism, but only a request for 
explanations :)


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