[Gtk-sharp-list] Anyone Tried Out MyXAML for Gtk#?

Gerald Bauer gerald.bauer at mac.com
Fri Jun 24 12:58:00 EDT 2005

Salut Vincent Arnoux,

> I fail to see what MyXAML can bring more than Glade, especialy if a 
> GUI designer doesn't exist yet.

   The point of MyXAML is that the XML format is much more compact (e.g. 
~90% less code) and thus you can create it like HTML "by hand" and you 
don't necessarily need a designer.  Since the format is also more 
compact you can create MyXAML pages, for example, on the server-side 
using scripts and send it to a MyXAML browser.   To see the difference 
between a compact XML UI language format and the Glade XML UI language 
format, see the the talks slide "XML for UIs - Glade Example" online @ 
from my talk titled "The Future of the Web: Rich Clients, Rich Browsers, 
Rich Portals". 

> On top of it, I can't find any example on how to make it work with 
> Mono on the website...
> Don't get it wrong : this is not a criticism, but only a request for 
> explanations :)
   MyXAML works on Mono. See the blog story titled "Mono's Beta 1 and 
MyXAML -- it works!!!" for details online @ 

   - Gerald
Gerald Bauer
United XAML | http://xaml.sourceforge.net

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