[Gtk-sharp-list] ComboBox trouble ...

xiii29 xiii29 at free.fr
Mon Jun 27 12:07:26 EDT 2005


I'm looking to understand where the problem come from ...

I got two wiget : one Entry and on ComboBox .. I try to listen two 
particular Event : the FocusIn and the FocusOut ...

When I listen the Entry : no trouble ... but I can't do it with the 
ComBoBox ...

this.cbb_Combo.FocusInEvent += new 
this.cbb_Combo.FocusOutEvent += new 

protected virtual void gererFocusInEvent(object o, FocusInEventArgs args) {
            Console.WriteLine("gererFocusInEvent ");

protected virtual void gererFocusOutEvent(object o, FocusOutEventArgs 
args) {
            Console.WriteLine("gererFocusOutEvent ");

Is there somethings wrong ?

Thanks !

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