[Gtk-sharp-list] Getting the path from Fileselection dialog

Michele Beltrame admin at talkblade.info
Wed Jun 29 13:18:47 EDT 2005


This might sound as a silly question, but I'm no Gtk wizard (yet ;-)) so
I don't know how to achieve this.

I have a Gtk.Fileselection dialog and I need to retrieve the chosen
filename and also the path. There's no problem for the filename of course:

string fname = fs.SelectionEntry.Text

but I can't find a way to get the path which is displayed in the
I tried to dig into this property and the objects behind it, but even
though I can go as down as MenuItems I don't know how to retrieve the
label at that point.

	Thanks in advance, Michele.

Michele Beltrame
ICQ# 76660101

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