[Gtk-sharp-list] Apparently trivial: problem casting from object to int

Callum J. Bell cjb at seirad.com
Tue Jan 17 15:19:39 EST 2006

I'm posting to this group because the origin of the problem is sorting 
columns in a ListStore that is a model for a TreeView. I want to sort
a column of integers so I started writing a sortfunction:

public int int_compare(TreeModel m, TreeIter a, TreeIter b)
    GLib.Value x = new GLib.Value();
    GLib.Value y = new GLib.Value();
    m.GetValue(a,3,ref x);
    m.GetValue(b,3,ref y);

    // At runtime the next two lines throw:  Unhandled Exception:
    //System.InvalidCastException: Cannot cast from source type to
    //destination type.
    int i = (int)(x.Val);
    int j = (int)(y.Val);

    // But x.Val does contain an integer that gets unboxed correctly
    // here:
    System.Console.WriteLine(">> " + x.Val + " <<");

    // Never got this far...
    //return i.CompareTo(j);

    // This is for debugging
    return 1;

It looks to me as if the cast should work. Any ideas? Also, if there
are sortfunctions out there for various types I'd appreciate a pointer
to them.


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