[Gtk-sharp-list] textview

Darwin Reynoso monouser at gmail.com
Mon Sep 1 11:04:06 EDT 2008

can someone please show me how to do translate this to gtk#

update_statusbar(GtkTextBuffer *buffer,
    GtkStatusbar  *statusbar)
  gchar *msg;
  gint row, col;
  GtkTextIter iter;

  gtk_statusbar_pop(statusbar, 0);

      &iter, gtk_text_buffer_get_insert(buffer));

  row = gtk_text_iter_get_line(&iter);
  col = gtk_text_iter_get_line_offset(&iter);

  msg = g_strdup_printf("Col %d Ln %d", col+1, row+1);

  gtk_statusbar_push(statusbar, 0, msg);


i need to get the line and col number of a textview

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