[Gtk-sharp-list] pinvoke and benchmarks

Martin (OpenGeoMap) martin at opengeomap.org
Fri Sep 12 11:22:53 EDT 2008


Someone knows about the performance in a library used only with c# or 
used thanks to other C API???

I am working in a bindings to mono and .NET in c# for lidar data and i 
see my program really really slowly in relationship with the C API.
We have created a C++ libvrary and a C API to used it with mono and python:

is it better used a library only created with C or the pinvoke is fast???
In my imagination i see the pinvoke system trying to find a funtion 
every time and if i have 10 million of lidar data perhaps this is really 

Perhaps the C++ managed language is better than c# to create bindings:

, but i don´t see the c++ in mono....


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