[Gtk-sharp-list] Custom cell renderer

Christian Hoff christian_hoff at gmx.net
Sat Sep 13 10:07:20 EDT 2008

I've attached a custom cell renderer which renders EAN13 barcodes to 
give you an idea how to accomplish this.

What you're trying to do is quite a difficult task that requires some 
Gtk# experience. The difficult part is that the widget that is shown 
when the cell is in editing mode needs to implement CellEditable; You 
will have to get familiar with GInterface implementation. A date editing 
widget for Gtk# is already available as part of the HollyWidgets 
library, but you'd have to modify it to implement CellEditable to use it 
for your cell renderer.

When you're done, it would be great if you shared your code with the 
community as date editing widgets are one of the few things(amongst 
databinding) that Gtk#/Gtk+ lack :-)

cm9x4 schrieb:
> Thanks! It really works! But I have described just a part of my problem. I
> need to create cutomcelrenderer for date editing that shows basicly like
> date string and like Calendar in edit mode. I have no idea how i can do
> this.

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