[Gtk-sharp-list] 64bit Gtk# for windows

Jaroslav Šmíd dataman64bit at gmail.com
Wed Sep 17 12:25:51 EDT 2008

Brad Taylor wrote:
> Hey,
> <snip>
>> I compiled gapi-fixup and codegen using csc from dotnet 3.5 (I can't
>> have 1 or 1.1, I'm using vista and there is no 64bit dotnet 1 or 1.1).
>> Then I wrote those makefiles generating .cs using gapi-fixup and codegen
>> in the same way as 2.12's makefiles and compilling *glue.dll files (I
>> can't get, why you are creating another platform specific stuff, why
>> don't you wrap it in .NET? This is what I don't like on GtkSharp and
>> everything around it - million of platform dependend C wrappers in C). I
>> have glue files and cs files. But I am unable to compile them. Always
>> multiple definitions of blablabla or unknown type blablabla.
>> So is 64bit version of GtkSharp going to be release in the near future?
>> Is it worth waiting?
> The tone you've taken in your emails is very negative, and it's not
> constructive in the least.
> The work has been done with respect to Gtk# on Windows, Medsphere
> excluded, has been mostly a volunteer effort.  If there's something that
> hasn't yet been done (for instance Win64 support), it's because no one
> is currently interested enough to invest the time.  And trust me when I
> say that getting installers and builds working with Win64 is not
> trivial.
> Bottom line is -- until someone steps up to implement it because they're
> interested, or they're really nice, you can either pay someone to do it,
> or work on it yourself.  If you write emails in a polite tone, people
> might even be willing to help out.
> Best,
> -Brad
Yeah, sorry for that ... I'm already compilling GtkSharp assemblies 
(sources are from SVN repo) on Windows x64 platform using my custom 
makefiles. I've got glib-sharp, Mono.Cairo, pango-sharp, atk-sharp, 
gdk-sharp and gtk-sharp already compiled - now it is time for gtkdotnet, 
glade-sharp and maybe something else. I will upload it all tomorrow and 
post a link here. I can provide those makefiles, but I doubt you want 
them as you no longer want to support windows makefiles (stated in 
/makefile.win32 in SVN).

Regards, Jaroslav Smid

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