[Gtk-sharp-list] 64bit Gtk# for windows

Cody Russell bratsche at gnome.org
Wed Sep 17 12:49:50 EDT 2008

On Wed, 2008-09-17 at 02:13 +0200, Jaroslav Šmíd wrote:
> So is there any possibility that we will have official GtkSharp
> release 
> for 64bit Windows? I don't think so, you don't even have 2.12 build
> for 
> 32bit Windows.

As one of the gtk+ Win32 developers I want to point out here that gtk+
only very recently started working with 64-bit Windows because I don't
have a copy of 64-bit Windows, and Tor just got a copy a few weeks ago.
In fact gtk.org only started having 64-bit Windows binaries available
for download less than two weeks ago.  So it seems kind of premature to
be coming to the gtk# list to bitch and whine at them about not
supporting 64-bit Windows yet when the library they're binding only
started working with it recently.

/ Cody

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