[Gtk-sharp-list] RichTextBox.TextChanged (event) equivalent in GTk.?

Chris Howie cdhowie at gmail.com
Thu Sep 25 12:22:19 EDT 2008

On Thu, Sep 25, 2008 at 7:00 AM, True Friend <true.friend2004 at gmail.com> wrote:
> HI
> I am working on a simple application. I had same in winforms where I added
> above (in subject) said event handler so when I pasted some text or text
> changed in rich text box the method was called and it made some
> modifications in text. Can you tell me what is its equal in gtk? I tried to
> search textview events but couldn't find an appropriate one which can work
> as textchanged event...

Much of GTK+ uses the MVC (Model, View, and Controller) model.  In
this case, TextView is the view and TextBuffer is the model.  The
changed event is on the TextBuffer, so:

this.someTextView.Buffer.Changed += this.OnSomeTextViewChanged;

Chris Howie

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