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Christian Hoff christian_hoff at gmx.net
Sun Sep 28 13:28:29 EDT 2008

The latest stable one is Gtk# 2.10 from Medsphere. I have managed to compile 2.12 in a Cygwin environment, but this version crashes when calling Dispose () or the Gtk.RadioButton constructor(but these errors did not occur on the dev machine). Maybe this is because I didn't compile it against Medsphere's Gtk+ binaries, but instead used the Gtk+ bundle from gtk.org. However compiling Gtk# on Cygwin is really annoying(configure script takes about 5 minutes to run, the compilation process seemed endless). 

That's why I was really excited about Jaroslav Smid's Win x64 port which uses MinGW and custom makefiles to compile. However I don't think that these binaries could ever work; the makefiles are missing calls to gapi-cdecl-insert. The port is also incomplete in other respects; it uses hardcoded paths for example for CSC only valid for Win x64 and .net 3.5, calls CSC with the /keyfile option which is not available on .net 1.1, does not generate policy assemblies etc. But the idea behind it is pretty good: no configure script needed and the compilation just takes about 3 minutes. I am currently working on tweaking the makefiles and have already managed to compile and install the 2.12 svn on my win32 machine using .net 1.1(but because of the callback issue the binaries aren't working yet). I hope that I can finish it soon and will then offer the binaries for download.

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  I just wanted to ask what is the latest version available for windows (of gtk#). As I read abt some posts on the same list about Gtk# 2.12 but could never download it (the MSI installer). From official download page (of mono) I found sourceforge link which has 2.8 and 2.8-12 (as latest versions). Which is latest one?

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