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Thats nice. And we'll wait for it.

On Sun, Sep 28, 2008 at 10:28 PM, Christian Hoff <christian_hoff at gmx.net>wrote:

>  The latest stable one is Gtk# 2.10 from Medsphere. I have managed to
> compile 2.12 in a Cygwin environment, but this version crashes when calling
> Dispose () or the Gtk.RadioButton constructor(but these errors did not occur
> on the dev machine). Maybe this is because I didn't compile it against
> Medsphere's Gtk+ binaries, but instead used the Gtk+ bundle from gtk.org.
> However compiling Gtk# on Cygwin is really annoying(configure script takes
> about 5 minutes to run, the compilation process seemed endless).
> That's why I was really excited about Jaroslav Smid's Win x64 port which
> uses MinGW and custom makefiles to compile. However I don't think that these
> binaries could ever work; the makefiles are missing calls to
> gapi-cdecl-insert. The port is also incomplete in other respects; it uses
> hardcoded paths for example for CSC only valid for Win x64 and .net 3.5,
> calls CSC with the /keyfile option which is not available on .net 1.1, does
> not generate policy assemblies etc. But the idea behind it is pretty good:
> no configure script needed and the compilation just takes about 3 minutes. I
> am currently working on tweaking the makefiles and have already managed to
> compile and install the 2.12 svn on my win32 machine using .net 1.1(but
> because of the callback issue the binaries aren't working yet). I hope that
> I can finish it soon and will then offer the binaries for download.
> Christian
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> Hi
> I just wanted to ask what is the latest version available for windows (of
> gtk#). As I read abt some posts on the same list about Gtk# 2.12 but could
> never download it (the MSI installer). From official download page (of mono)
> I found sourceforge link which has 2.8 and 2.8-12 (as latest versions).
> Which is latest one?
> Regards
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