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Jaroslav Šmíd Wrote:-

On Tue, Sep 30, 2008 at 2:28 AM, Jaroslav Šmíd <jardasmid at gmail.com> wrote:

> I'm glad you find my Gtk# package useful. Don't worry, they work without
> gapi-
> cdeck-insert as Win64 does NOT use neither _cdecl nor _stdcall. Everything
> on
> Win64 is _fastcall (at least with mingw-w64 and MSVC). Assemblies are for
> Windows x64 only (because of 64bit *glue.dll files) and tested on Vista x64
> only. By default Vista contains .NET 3. Just change the path from .NET 3.5
> compiler to .NET 3, it will work. There is no .NET 1.1 for vista x64, that
> is
> I decided not to keep compatibility with it.
> However, you have win32 as stated in your post and there is _cdecl used.
> You
> have to add it somehow or set cdecl linkage to the func directly in []
> before
> func declaration (don't know exact command), but that is not available for
> .NET < 2, maybe even not for .NET < 3, but it is definitely for .NET >= 3.
> Wish good luck.
> Best regards,
> Jaroslav Smid

Perhaps he forgot to 'reply all'. I had a question, why the current
(meshper's) made gtk# package is targeted to .Net 1.1 only? I have .Net 2,
and it did not installed on it. I thought 1.1 will be in 2 but it was not.
It means if there is an application written in C# 1, I'll have to install
.Net framework 1.1 for it separately?

Muhammad Shakir Aziz محمد شاکر عزیز
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