[Mono-list] How to gets mono specific type's MethodTable or JitMap address in gdb?

Kevin.Yang umbrella.jee at gmail.com
Tue Nov 5 05:49:31 UTC 2013

Hi guys,

    I'm torturing on how to gets the mono specific type's" MethodTable" or
"JitMap" in a
Live process in gdb.
    In Windbg tool, I usually find the target type's MethodTable and locate
where the specific
Method JITED address is, so, i can make the "breakpoint" at that address
while i'm using the gdb to DEBUG a live mono process, i couldn't find any
command which
can let me achieve the target type's MethodTable.
    I had found a command which it'll be used on mono env starting up.
    "mono --jitmap", This command will generate a jit-map file under the
"/tmp" folders.
BUT, i couldn't use those addresses on gdb, because gdb might couldn't
recognized that addresses.

So, Is there anyone can help me solve that problem?
Thanks a lot.

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