[Mono-list] Alleged MonoDevelop.Refactory addin

Atsushi Eno atsushieno at veritas-vos-liberabit.com
Tue Nov 5 18:27:40 UTC 2013


First let me clarify, an "addin" can exist either as installable addin 
or part of monodevelop itself which "makes use of its own addin framework.

For this refactoring "addin", it is rather about part of monodevelop.

And yes it exists as an addin named "Refactoring Support". If you 
checkout monodevelop and all its submodules (git submodule update) then 
open main/Main.sln on monodevelop, you'll find MonoDevelop.Refactoring 

But note that refactoring operation is language dependent. For C#, it is 
MonoDevelop.CSharp.Refactoring namespace in CSharpBinding project.
Also after MonoDevelop 3.0 the core of the refactoring support is 
"NRefactory" which is part of shared code between MonoDevelop and 

(MonoDevelop.Refactoring still exists and provides framework, addin 
"extension points" and some shared code.)

Refactoring support is (or maybe it was) kind of moving target, so 
you'll have to track the latest API that its base API expects.

Atsushi Eno

(2013年11月03日 11:34), Kendall Shaw wrote:
> Does this addin exist:
> http://monodevelop.com/Developers/Articles/Refactoring
> "MonoDevelop defines the refactoring system in the 
> MonoDevelop.Refactoring addin."
> If so, where can I find it?
> Kendall

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