[Mono-list] When is strong-naming assemblies a good idea or bad idea?

Eric Schultz eschultz at outercurve.org
Fri Nov 22 20:41:10 UTC 2013


Gaye Oncul Kok of the .Net Framework team and I are creating a list of best
practices for strong-naming and open source libraries. Before we get
started though, we want the opinion of as many people involved in .Net open
source as possible. I have a GitHub repository (
https://github.com/ericschultz/strong-naming-suggestions) where I'm
collecting scenarios of where strong-naming is positive or negative. If you
have any thoughts on this, fork the repo, add your suggestion and send a
pull request.

Thanks for all the help on this. Also, feel free to pass this along to
anyone else you think would be interested in this discussion.


Eric Schultz, Developer Advocate, Outercurve Foundation
eschultz at outercurve.org
cell: 920-539-0404
skype: ericschultzwi
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